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Our company was originally formed as Powertech Pty Ltd in 1994. We changed our name in April 1998 because of the number of companies with very similar names. Powertech Pty Ltd is now a Perth based company.

After a lot of brainstorming we came up with the name Blue Toad. One of our directors is a huge fan of Blues music. The only good toad in Queensland is a Blue Toad.

Blue Toad are located in the suburb of Burbank in Brisbane, Queensland. Burbank is a unique suburb considering it is in a major city and has some very special wildlife.

What do we do?
Blue Toad's specialises in software development for Open Systems. That is, software which is developed for the UNIX and Linux operating systems. Languages used are Java, C++, C, PHP, Perl and Python. We have a lot of experience in implementing complex websites. That is why we keep our site relatively simple ;-). Actually, this site is like a mechanic's car. We have intended to update it for a long time.

Our focus is the development of backends for websites. That is, if a website requires any of the following functionality:
  • On-line ordering.
  • Database enquiries and updates.
  • Maintaining a "shopping cart" for on-line ordering which requires persistence between individual user transactions.
  • Any sort of application where a user must securely "log in" and/or have a session mantained.
  • A catalogue that needs updating.
Blue Toad will develop websites that are compatible across a range of different browsers. We will develop the site so that you are able to maintain it.

We have experience in developing a wide range of applications for the UNIX and Linux operating systems. Our professional UNIX experience goes back to the 1980s. Linux has been our preferred development platform since 1994 (1.0x kernel series!).

If your organisation would like to change to the Linux operating system we would like to help you.

If you have any old legacy systems from which you believe you can not retrieve the data - we we can do it for you. We will extract the data and get it in to your new system. We can also build that new system for you. It will built using non-proprietary tools so that you will not end up in the same situation.

We have been very successful in remote development - we have done a lot of work for overseas companies.

For more information see our contact information.
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